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Jeel al Amal is considered to be an Institution aimed at the Public Interest by the Dutch fiscal authorities. Gifts are tax deductible.

Gifts will be used to help finance the camp for boys who have no home to go to during the summer holidays and for the maintenance of this website.
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Transfer of money in Euro’s to Jeel al Amal from a private account in another EU-country is possible free of charge through telebanking.

IBAN: NL74 TRIO 0212 4877 79
* Beneficiary: Stichting
  Jeel al Amal

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A video of the dancing girls of the kindergarten is on You Tube.

It is the first video made with the camera, that we we were able to buy thanks to our Dutch donors. It was filmed by Abed El Majid (Grade 8) and Jibreel (Grade 6).


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Her favourite prayer

Volume 7 - JEEL NEWS - Issue 7
October 17th 2014

To the friends of Jeel al Amal

Basil Sahhar shared his wife's commitment for protection and welfare of the needy boys. Both would go into the streets and look for homeless and needy families.

Basil died in 1987, leaving his companion with a huge responsibility on her shoulders. Alice remained dedicated to help children in need. When she knew her passing away was near she said: "I know God will take care of the children of Jeel al Amal”.

We did commemorate the passing away on October 2nd 2008 of Alice Sahhar, co-founder of Jeel al Amal. Six years has passed since the big heart stopped beating. Her love and affection for the children never stopped till her last breath. Barely conscious on her death bed she was saying: “Who will take care of the children of Jeel al Amal?” She raised both her hands and said: "God will".

From her inner self everybody at Jeel got strength. She taught us how to be patient and how to believe in ourselves and our dreams.

As one of the children told me she once took a small piece of paper, wrote on it “You are smart” and told the boy to keep it in his pocket. The boy said he felt so very confident and that this made him believe in himself. And that he still looked at it from time to time.

She is sorely missed, her laughter, her cheering around. She has left a huge gap which nobody can fill. As one of the children mentioned to me earlier her spirit is still around. I can still feel her being here with us.

She was a tough lady who did what was right and what was needed for those children who depended totally on her.

I am sure you can hear us today when we tell you. We know you are watching us from heaven. We know that you are with our Lord guiding our path. The work that is being done in Jeel would not be possible without you watching over us.

We pray for your sweet and blessed soul and I know that you are looking at us and saying: “Do not cry because I am not here anymore but smile because I have been”. We will do more than smiling for your memory.

You have left a legacy of 56 years of work. Children who were lost, abandoned or orphaned, have become doctors, lawyers, engineers thanks to your love and care. I am sure you are resting in heaven with the saints. May God bless your soul! Rest in peace MAMA.

The love of Alice and Basil Sahhar, the spiritual founders of Jeel al Amal, was endless. They gave from the depth of their hearts as they were dedicated to the mission they had throughout their lives. Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God (Mt. 5:8).

Alice’s favourite prayer

As you are caring for others
God cares for you.

If you give your life to others
God blesses you.

As you pour out your love,
God pours his love to you.

God blesses and guides you,
God strengthens and refreshes you.

May God give you courage and hope,
so that HIS dear loving care
is revered through you.

    Najwa Sahhar-Sayegh