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IBAN: NL74 TRIO 0212 4877 79
* Beneficiary: Stichting
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Charitable Dinner as ‘Iftar’

Volume 4 - JEEL NEWS - Issue 6
August 19th 2011

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To all friends of Jeel al Amal

On August 11, 2011 Jeel Al Amal held its charitable dinner in Qasr El Hambra in Jerusalem. The iftar during the month of Ramadan is when Muslims fast during the day and dine in the evening.

Brotherly relationship
Dignitaries from Jerusalem, friends of the society and international organizations attended the iftar.  The presence of Patriach William Shomali with other priests from the Latin Patrichate signifies the brotherly relationship between Muslims and Christians amongst the Palestinian community.

Opening by the president of Jeel al Amal
The evening commenced by welcoming the guests and introducing Dr. Taysir Abdallah the president of Jeel al Amal.  

Dr. Abdallah gave a briefing on the history of the home. The late founders Alice and Basil Sahhar were remembered for their love and dedication which continues to drive us all. Again the words of Alice Sahhar “In what language does a child cry“ were recalled. - TOP PAGE -

Egyptian songs and Palestinian poem
There were many entertaining activities. A musical group from Nazareth gave a wonderful performance and they truly deserved the standing ovation they received. Adrian the lute player played and sang some old songs which brought us back to the age of wonderful songs of the Egyptian famous singer Abed El Wahab.

On the large screen a poem by our great Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish was shown, called  “Think about others.”

   Think about others
   while you are preparing your breakfast,

  think about others
   when you are going through your battles
   and don’t forget peace
   while thinking of those far away,

   think about yourself
   and wish you were a candle in the night.

This poem exemplifies the spirit onto which Jeel Al Amal  was founded by the late founders Alice and Basil Sahhar and continues to live today.

Raffle with 21 prizes
In between the musical intervals there was draw of raffle tickets. The prizes were donated by local entrepreneurs in Jerusalem. There were twenty one prizes in the list and the atmosphere was getting more exciting all the time whenever there was a new winner amongst the audience. At the end of the evening a raffle was drawn on three grand prizes; the first one: accommodation with bed and breakfast for two days in Tiberias, the second one: accommodation in Jericho resort for two and the third was accommodation for two in Intercontinental Jericho. - TOP PAGE -

Everybody enjoyed the evening.
The dinner ended in a pleasant atmosphere and everybody enjoyed the evening. All in all the iftar provided a good occasion for the local and international community to show solidarity with Jeel al Amal through their presence, donations and  inkind contributions. - TOP PAGE -

The proceeds of the iftar will be allocated in full to covering the expenses of the home in terms of outstanding bills and the children’s expenses for lodging and education. - TOP PAGE -

    Najwa Sahhar-Sayegh