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Open Day 2010/2011

Volume 4 - JEEL NEWS - Issue 5
June 10th 2011

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“The photographs of the Open Day were taken by Jbara Alzagharneh, supervisor at Jeel al Amal.

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To all friends of Jeel al Amal

The open day celebrations at Jeel Al Amal that were held on June 4, 2011 marked the end of the school year 2010/2011. It was a wonderful day during which the children excelled in their performances in folklore dancing, music and short skits.   

Smiles to their faces
The school principle Mrs. Rana Faroun did thank in a welcome speech the audience and the representative of the union of charitable societies for attending this day that brought back hope and smiles to the faces of our children.

She stressed the need to keep education and good values as our parole in life and to create love, bridges of communication and peace amongst all people. - TOP PAGE -   

Musicians without Borders
Musicians without Borders entertained the children with their performance and especially with a song about a poor man who enjoys eating macaroni even if he does not have the money to buy it. This made the children laugh as they never did before.

Children in the audience were also allowed to participate. It was great to see the little ones so happily involved in imitating the moves Fabienne van Eck from Musician without Borders . - TOP PAGE   

Dances, songs and skits
The children, following the tunes of their music teacher, sang wonderful songs for peace and love to prevail in our country.

Girls from grade five performed a small skits that highlighted the importance of knowledge and reading in empowering women and mankind in general. Folklore dances (dabkeh) from the school band were thoroughly enjoyed by the audience who were clapping throughout the performance. - TOP PAGE -   

Friends of the library
‘Friends of the library’ are a group of girls who were chosen during the school year from different classes to participate and implement activities for promoting reading in the school library.

They performed a small play highlighting their activities and encouraging their peers to search for knowledge and enhance their skills through reading. - TOP PAGE -   

Alice Sahhar remembered

“If it was not for her we would not have achieved at Jeel al Amal what we achieved today. She was the caring mother not only for the children but also for all of us because she taught us the meaning of sacrifice and love for one another, especially in difficult times. She taught us how to challenge our difficult circumstances and she taught us to be patient. From her we learned the will power to accomplish our goals and dedication for work.”

“May God bless her soul and give us the courage to continue our humanitarian work in nurturing and educating the deprived children in Palestine. Her sweet memory stays with us in our hearts and everywhere we go around the home.” With these emotional words Mrs. Faroun concluded her speech. - TOP PAGE -    

Awards and medals
Afterwards she honoured the children from all classes who have excelled academically. Also medals were presented to children with sports achievements in basketball, table tennis and football.

It was a day to remember for the children and all those present. And indeed may God always give us the strength to continue providing a better future for our children. - TOP PAGE -    

    Najwa Sahhar-Sayegh
At the end of this day Mrs. Faroun remembered a woman precious to all our hearts, Mrs. Alice Sahhar founder of Jeel Al Amal, who spent her life caring for the needy children.