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IBAN: NL74 TRIO 0212 4877 79
* Beneficiary: Stichting
  Jeel al Amal

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Volume 2 - JEEL NEWS - Issue 9
December 8th 2009

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To all friends of Jeel al Amal

Just before Eid al Adha (the Muslim feast of sacrifice) three groups delighted the children of Jeel a Amal with activities including face painting, sports, theatre plays and games.

The first group included the artist’s  guild from villages in the neighbourhood of Nazareth. They came laden with food, sweets and cakes for the children. They also brought a simple but most cherished toy: balloons, which filled the school with gaiety and colour.

The administration decided to move the dining tables outside so that the children could enjoy their food in the sunshine in a picnic like atmosphere. The theatre show and the clowns’ acrobatics performed by the group were much appreciated. The members of the group also contributed generously to the school.

The second group, musicians from Jaffa, entertained the children with their beautiful performances. They held a sweepstake, which was their special way of distributing gifts to the children. They did sport and played games together with the children. Also by this they  showed interest for the children.

The third group was composed of university students also from the villages around Nazareth, who had come once before to entertain the children. So they were welcomed and cheered as they entered the school yards because the children had already made friends with many of them. They distributed many gifts to the children and held a “Question and Answer” competition with the children, divided in two groups.

All in all, these encounters constitute a very enriching and relaxing experience for the children, which is essential for their healthy development.

    Najwa Sahhar-Sayegh