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Jeel al Amal
of the Hope

J E E L   N E W S

Volume 9 - Issue 4 - September 24th 2016

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Saed Ayyad

the new director of Jeel al Amal

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'Me and my book' 2015-2016

A meaningful competition

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1972 - NOW



Mohammad Musa Swelem,

Abu Musa, director of Jeel al Amal

19 - 08 – 1956                          19 - 08 - 2016

has passed away on his birthday

60 years young

You are not reachable anymore.
We cannot see you with our eyes,
we cannot feel you near.

But yet, more than ever,

we believe you will continue
to be the driving force of love

by which Jeel al Amal
lives, grows and blossoms

in happy and difficult times.

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April 5th  2016

Training in rap music by Musicians without borders

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February 1th 2016

Hope for the future

French Consulate General to remain partner of Jeel a Amal

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Accompaning the journey of Alice and Basil Sahhar

Abu Musa served Jeel al Amal for 37 years and has accompanied the journey of Alice and Basil Sahhar from the early beginnings since the establishment of the home. And even long before that as he was raised as a child by Sister Lucy whom he called ‘mother’. Later, he spend the rest of his childhood under the care of Alice Sahhar.

With deep sorrow

Jeel al Amal mourns

the passing away of Muhammad Musa,

or Abu Musa as everybody calls him.

Sister Lucy saved his life when she accidently met him during one of her inspection visits to the village where he was born and where he had contracted gangrene in his right hand because of negligence. His hand was later amputated from the wrist downward.

Abu Musa got his Masters degree from Al Quds university in educational administration and continued to serve Jeel Al Amal as a teacher and later as a director.

He got strength from the children of Jeel

To Abu Musa the position of a director was to fully serve the children and that’s why he wouldn’t hesitate to hold the broom and sweep the yard in order to be a good role model for the children.

He would come early in the morning and stay late at night with the children, never took a day off nor went for holidays. Dedicated as he was, even in his worst health condition, he wanted to come and be with the children. He simply refused to stay at home.

The children of Jeel al Amal were his life and this is where he got his strength from, as he mentioned during one of the visits. He was determined to take on the most difficult cases of the children and considered this to be his challenge.

“I will never give in to sadness and despair.”

Abu Musa always kept his smile and quietness as if he said: “I will never give in to sadness and despair”. He has paved his way in life with great courage and determination. Besides his love of reading he was also a great author and participated in the weekly book club in Jerusalem every Thursday.

On behalf of the board members of Jeel al Amal, staff and all the children our deepest condolences to his family and friends and everybody who knew Abu Musa.

May his soul rest in peace!

     Najwa Sahhar/Sayegh