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Jeel al Amal
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Volume 9 - Issue 3 - June 24th 2016

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9.4:  September 2nd 2016

Mohammad Musa has passed away

on his 60th birthday

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9.2:  April 29th

Training in

Rap Music

by 'Musicians without Borders'

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'ME AND MY BOOK'   2015 - 2016

A meaningful competition

For the third consecutive year Jeel al Amal participated in the reading competition ‘Me and my book', sponsored by the Faisal Husseini Foundation.

The programme is aimed at Jerusalem schools to help develop the reading habit among the school children.

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April 5th  2016

Training in rap music by Musicians without borders

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February 1th 2016

Hope for the future

French Consulate General to remain partner of Jeel a Amal

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Evaluation test at end of the school year

During the school year stories and books in English and Arabic are given to the school and the children are allowed to exchange those books amongst themselves.

All the children hang a pin with the title ‘Me and my book’. This year the motto of the competition was 'lines and bridges'. At the end of the school year there was an evaluation test where a first, second and third winner were chosen.

Anxiously waiting

As soon as the director of the Faisal Hussein Foundation, Mr. Abed El Qader Husseini, arrived in the hall to announce the winners, the children were very excited. The tension was high. They were waiting anxiously for the result.

All winners

Mr. Abed El Qader explained there were no losers here because “you all read the collection of books provided and therefore you are all winners.” His words helped calm them a bit.

The results came out.

Finally the results came out: Aya Doues from the third grade got the first prize which is 100 US$. Adam Faroon, grade four, also won the US$ 100 first prize. Noran Abou Roomi got US$ 70. He is in grade five. Certificates were also distributed to all the children.

"You all read

the collection of books provided

and therefore you all are winners."

Mr Abed El Qader,

director Faisal Husseini Foundation

The children received the results with great joy but also with some tears. While distributing sweets to the children we noticed that many were so excited to the degree that they broke into tears.

It helped develop the habit of reading.

It was quite an experience for the children which was very enriching and helped them develop the habit of reading through this meaningful competition.


     Najwa Sahhar/Sayegh